Supports are never life-long.

Supports are never life-long.

One can give you some money to establish yourself some times. Not always.
One can support you in moments of crisis some times.
Not always.
One can stand by you some times.
Not always.
Not even your Father, Mother or Family.
It is an ideal approach to life if you believe you shall receive help and support all the times.

There shall be criticism at times.
There shall be conflict at times.

The life you live is the result of your actions, thinking and determination. There is a limit to on how many times a person can help you. Some people become parasites and think that they shall be able to sustain life that way.
It’s not true.

-Become Responsible.

Don’t be a parasite!
If you wish to be responsible then don’t forget who helped you in rainy days. Make sure to be available to them in times of crisis.
Take the charge of your life.

-Be an human.

There is something mystic about being human.
If you treat yourself as human being; you experience a feeling of empowerment and liberation.
Be the one who shall stand up for others.
Always be enthusiastic to help others.
It never goes in vain!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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