Success is always exaggerated

Success is always exaggerated.

The pre-requisite of success is hard-work.
But the real question is how much of hard-work?
Most people achieve their first breakthrough in life through 3-4 years of focused hard-work.
After first breakthrough, it’s not very hard to make another breakthrough.

>Human Nature

After getting success, people recall their struggling times and sacrifices they made; probably that makes them to exaggerate the number of hours they devoted for their dreams.
No doubt hard-work is necessary.
Success is never an overnight phenomenon.
It is more about disciplined approach than erratic long working hours occasionally.

>Don’t fear.

It is the “exaggerated number of working hours” that frightens the most.
As a result, most even don’t take even the first step.
Believing that “something is hard” makes it more difficult to surpass the initial resistance.

>3-4 years of hard-work.

If you work hard each day for 10 hours for 1 Dream; you would surely fulfill your dreams in 3-4 years of time.
The only condition is DISCIPLINE.
Be disciplined.
Work-hard on each day without failing.

Things look hard initially but when we step into it- the fear of I CAN’T DO IT subsides.
You begin to feel YES, IT’S POSSIBLE.
That’s the epicenter of change.

Start writing the story of your success.
No matter what the circumstances may be; keep heading towards your dreams.
Waste no time.
You are left with very little time.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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