Living life without an identity.

Living life without identity.

The best thing about living life without an identity is that you are never “deemed to behave in a particular fashion or manner”.

》I’m an Engineer/Doctor/Lawyer..

If you are any one of the above then your demeanours are set by the society.
You are most liable to behave in the same professional manner.

But what if you didn’t had “any profession, name, title,  etc.?”.

If you were just HUMAN BEING- right to be happy and contented.

In olden days, even Kings used to roam in their kingdom without revealing their true identities to “know if the people of their kingdom were happy and contented”.

Always remember that before you are doctor, engineer, or entrepreneur- you are HUMAN BEING.
You have emotions and feelings.

You can live the life you always wished for.
There are no boundries.

》You can feel ANYTHING.

Through your imaginations, you can feel and travel into the world of your fantasies.
You can imagine yourself to be a girl.
You can feel like mother.
Even like a very wealthy person.
At any time of day, you can imagine yourself to be child.

》The way to do it.

Just close your eyes.
Imagine what you wish to be.
You wish to feel like child; just be child for next 15 minutes in your imagination.
You wish to feel like being poor; just try to feel the same for another 15 minutes.
This activity shall allow you to become more SYMPATHETIC & EMPATHETIC.
You shall develop a feeling of “harmony” with other human beings.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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