Review of “ Eighteen: The End of Innocence” by Sudham

Review of “Eighteen: The End of Innocence by Sudham”


Eighteen_the_end_of_innocence by Sudham

Eighteen: The End of Innocence by Sudham is a wonderful read.

The story is about Raghu, his best friend Aadi and later his love-to-be-found in Shalini.
It revolves around the fun-finding nature of teenagers.
How a train of blank calls can upset teenagers?
How a teenager may find it difficult to get admitted into a reputed graduate college?
How 12th board results may change the course of one’s life? (As in the case of Aadi).
The common phenomenon in teenager’s life that is inclination towards love life is reflected very well in the novel.
There is a thin line between fun and crime.
How could unprotected sex cause havoc in teen-ager’s life?
What shall happen after the Raghu, Aadi and his Boss are caught with stolen car on New Year’s Eve?
The novel is a full dose to rekindle and re-cherish one’s teenage days.

The novel is studded with lots of moments of fun-seeking attitude teenagers carry, the willingness to enjoy and hang-out with friends after examinations and to celebrate on eve of festivities, to help your best buddy even if it meant taking substantial risks, late night parties, to booze and what not!

The book contains considerable amounts of slangs- a win-win situation if you are youngster as you can relate to most of the conversations very comfortably.
The language is simple and flowing.
The multi-linguistic dialogues make “Eighteen: The End of Innocence” a more pleasant reading experience.

Grab your copy of “Eighteen: The End of Innocence by Sudham” through the link below:

## Best moments@ Eighteen: The End of Innocence

// “Kyaa lana?!” Aadi said.
“Very funny. It’s Svetlana!

// “Bhai nahin hai kyaa” was a bearer cheque that you could cash on anytime and anywhere.

About the Author:

Sudham is a passionate marketing professional who has taken the proverbial leap of faith with “Eighteen: The End of Innocence” to establish himself as a novelist.
Before he left his job as the National Marketing Head of India’s largest FM Radio Network-92.7 BIG FM, Sudham worked for over thirteen years with brands such as Nokia, Lenovo and TVS-E.
An avid blogger, Sudham publishes two blogs., a blog that showcases his poems, short stories and musings and, a blog on brands and marketing that views the world through a marketer’s lens.
Sudham is married to Surekha and has two little girls Mithila and Antara who make his world!
Get in touch with Sudham:

I rate the novel as 4/5.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

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