How to know if you are living inside your comfort zone?

How to know if you are living inside your comfort zone?

If you don’t feel each day “Kaise Hoga?” then probably you are living inside your comfort zone.
The worst thing about being inside your comfort zone is that you miss out lots of opportunities along the way.
You really don’t expand your limits.

-Kaise Hoga?

If you keep doing what you have done so far- you keep on living in your comfort zone.
It is exciting, fearful and stressful to step-out of your comfort zone.
Let us understand the concept with the help of an example.
How many of you are comfortable in interacting with new people/strangers?
How many of you often interact with people outside your friends circle?
Few do.
On the same lines, we keep on “setting goals” in a way that we never finish.
We never raise the bar of what we expect from ourselves.
We keep on delivering the same performance though we expect different results.
We do not require any advance planning, strategy and efforts to keep doing and excelling what we have in the past many times.
So, you need to step outside of your comfort zone as often as possible.

-Your Expectations.

Your goals must reflect your expectations.
They must grow with time.
That is how people multiply their success.
If your goal list doesn’t indicate “progress”; you shall soon land up among the average.
It is easy to be an average.
It requires just some amount of hard-work.
If you wish to be a game-changer you have to be hard-working, creative and firm.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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