How your each day should look like?

How your each day should look like?

It should be exciting. Each day should bring new hopes and adventures.
It shouldn’t be monotonous.
Regard each day as a new life.
No matter what had happened in the past; each day you get an opportunity to change your life.

-No fights.

Don’t lose your peace over petty fights. Be calm and cool.
Notice subtle changes around yourself.


No matter how hard your day might be; never miss enjoying some light moments of laughter’s and fun.


Be thankful for “what you have”.
Value your past and present.

-Be Random

You may be sitting at a restaurant for lunch; try a new dish.
You are standing at a book store; buy one random book.
Being random brings “unexpected moments” to our life that make our life more enriching and exciting.

-Be different.

You are not a machine!
There are no protocols on “how to live life to the fullest”.

-What others will say.

If you wish to be happy and contented in life “do not get affected by other’s opinion”.
If what you are doing feels right to you, go after it.


There is always one-thing in our life that makes us happy.
It could be as simple as eating an ice-cream to listening to your favorite song.
Whatever that “one-thing” might be; never let your day end without it.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

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