Find a way out.

Find a way out.

You may get into trouble. You may face failures.
Injuries may happen.
Anything could happen.
When you find yourself “in trouble”, find a way out.
It may take one day, two day or even months.
Don’t frown or get disheartened.
There would be a solution.
Keep looking for it.
You shall find it.
For the world belongs to seekers.


Ask from a person whom you think can “answer to your queries”.
Sometimes, by listening to people “we discover” a way to change our present realities.


Discuss. Tell your problems to the group. Try to focus on root cause of the problem.
What are your present needs?
How can you use your resources to reach to your destination?

-Get Unstuck.

There is no comfort in complaining and whining.
Get unstuck from the past and negative people.
Negative people require transformation and not just change.


Write down your problems and opportunities.
Note down the possible risks and threats.
What the worst could happen and what the best could happen.
Analyze the situation carefully.
Don’t let be too risky or risk-free.
Let it be a balanced approach.
Plan ahead accordingly.
Time is an important factor.
Do calculate how much time your project/task shall consume.

-Read a book.

A book might help you to shift your attitude from being negative to positive.
It might allow you to see things in new perspective.
It may evolve you as a person.
A book can transform your life.

What if nothing works out?
Get in touch with your Mother. She has “all the things you need”.
Talk to her, she will find a way out!
Simple yet effective- almost all the times!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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