Being SMART is not enough.

Being SMART is not enough.

Most folks who score well in schools and in graduations are not the only ones who shape this world.
There are lots of people who listen to their “heart” and walk down the unbeaten road.
They are the TRENDSETTERS.
They create HISTORY by walking out of history.
They have the courage, grit, and wisdom to travel the road less travelled.

-They do things differently.
-They think differently.
-They make better choices.
-They believe immensely in their capabilities.
-They are good at calculations.
-They are compassionate, passionate and kind.
-They thrust on NOW.

If you keep doing the “same things”, the results you achieve shall be “the same”.
In order to get different results, you got to do “something different”.
It is easy to be swayed by time and people.
It is easy to follow the crowd.
So, it is up to you what “you choose”.
The choice is to stand among the crowd or “to differentiate yourself from the majority”.

-You Have Just One Life.

People give thumbs up to YHJOL when “they wish to enjoy the life and its various pleasures”.
But most disappear when it comes to chasing dreams, making an IMPACT, working-hard and volunteering.
YHJOL to give something incredibly great to the world, to live peacefully and to share the joys with the world.
Smart are the people who work-hard and enjoy the life later.
But that is not enough.
People who listen to their inner-voice change the world along the journey of their life by doing what they love to do.
They experience complete satisfaction from life.
That is the real gift that SMART people miss out.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

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