How to revive dying Humanity?

How to revive dying Humanity?

In the journey of life you shall meet lots of people along the way.
Make sure that “you ease life of one person” each day.
If you live for 20,000 days; you shall have had “brought smiles on face of 20,000 people”.
In turn, other people too shall “believe in humanity” and shall work to ease the life of others around.
The chain shall go on increasing progressively.
There is no other way.
Whenever you help someone out; be conscious about the fact that YOU HAVE ADDED A PINCH OF HUMANITY TO THIS WORLD.

The above approach is idealistic.
It believes to the fore that people shall reciprocate.
And that is not possible with 20,000 people you serve in your stay on this Earth.
Let’s say you ignite successfully the flame of humanity in 2,000 people.
Is that a small number?
When a team of 5-7 people have the ability to initiate the change into the world through their work; imagine what is not possible for 2,000 people?
It is simply miraculous.

Just have the patience and determination to serve “one person each day”.
After 10 years, the result shall be visible and overwhelming.
So, don’t wish if the world were a better place to live; just live in a better way to create the world you envision.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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