Get hurt.

Get hurt.

Don’t live an unfulfilled life by being afraid of getting hurt.
People live in constant terror and try to avoid getting hurt.
They do not “disclose” their feeling to the boy/girl they love.
They do not “work-extremely hard” in order to avoid pain.
Frightened by the fear of failure and the pain at times failure may bring succumbs most people.
The same is the reason for not chasing one’s dream.

Live to the fullest. Become dream-chaser.
Get hurt. Do not sit and wait for some miracles to happen in your life.
Overcome fear by focusing on “what if you succeed”.
Propose the girl/boy of your dreams; what if she/he says YES?
Chase your dreams what if you achieve them?

There is a limit to fail, getting hurt or being misused.
Once that limit is crossed, you shall discover a new life where success, prosperity and happiness is bound to come.
So, from today don’t be:

-afraid of rejections
-hard work

Free yourself from the so called risks and live your life in a way that it is exemplary.
Don’t mind some failures, pains, hurts, sacrifices, criticisms, etc. along the way to fulfill your dreams.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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