What would you do with 1 Crore of money?

What would you do with 1 Crore of money?

Suppose you are given 1 crore of money. What shall you do with it?
If you are hard-working, continually learning, and acquiring skills then you shall make that much money someday.
And if you don’t know what you shall do with that money then YOU SHALL SOON BE BROKE.
You shall go on buying liabilities and luxuries.
As said, the more you earn, the more you spend.
But wise people don’t do that.

Earlier, if I could save any money, I would buy a book from it.
Now the things have changed.
If I save money, I utilize it in blogging.
I’m not saying that book is bad investment.
But “learning by doing” could never be replaced.
Blogging serves as a tool for me to experiment, connect and learn more.

-What shall I do with 1 Crore?

I would self-publish my book.
It requires around 1 lakh; additional Rs50, 000 for promotion.
Still I’m left with around 98 lakh.
Since I haven’t taught of what I shall do with remaining money; I shall spend it on some “useless things”.

Same goes for everyone.
They have never taught of holding “handsome amount of money”.
So, most even fail to make that sum of money.
Those who make, fail to INVEST it in right things.

As a research conducted on lottery-winners and “fast-millionaires” affirms that after 5 years, 95% of them were found BROKE.
That just suggests that if you can’t control money; you shall find yourself broke.
No matter how much money may be given to you; you shall find yourself to be broke.
It is dangerous if you wish to be millionaire and don’t know “where you shall INVEST your money on”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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