What is the best test for relationships?

What is the best test for relationships?

Whatever you do in relationships, do it generously.
At times, you got to help, listen and assist.
Be kind and sympathetic.
As you go on doing; do observe if the other person in the relationship “VALUES THEM”.
If it is not valued, move on.
Probably the other person doesn’t deserve it.
Relationships are not “give and take”.
But if the other person is “just for that”, you need not to waste your precious time for such a relationship.
Remember, as Jim Rohn pointed out that “Life responds to deserving and not needy”.
So, what you need to do is to get in touch with people who are worthy of your actions, love, care and respect.

=Staying on.

Never stay longer in a relationship which is toxic.
Move on. Yes, move on.

If someone isn’t glad to find you as a friend drop them quietly.

=Stop Contacting.

This is the best way. Never call to them. Never chat with them.
Slowly as steadily “it shall come to an end”.

You have limited time; live it with the BEST PEOPLE.


If you found “good people”; they will surprise you sooner or later.
That’s why it is always advisable to be good people.
They shall be the people who shall stand with you in times of crisis.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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