Life@ FGIET by Er. Renu Chauhan

Special Thanks to Er. Renu Chauhan currently in 4th year of engineering at FGIET, Rae Bareli for sharing her experiences- bitter and sweet @ FGIET.
Renu is a great poetry writer, an orator & a blogger.
She blogs at


Analogous to college life.

Experience@ FGIET

A journey of graduation life that changed a girl confined within the boundaries of books and busy in her daydreaming with no friends to chatterbox surrounded by a vast friend circle.
After my 12th I dropped my 1 year for the prepration of IIT-JEE because my parents had always taught me that” THE FINAL DECISION IN YOUR LIFE MUST BE YOURS SO THAT YOU NEVER REPENT AND LOOK BACK AND THINK THAT YOU COULD HAVE DONE BETTER IF YOU HAD TAKEN THE RISK” because “NOT TAKING RISK IS THE BIGGEST RISK IN LIFE”. Unfortunately, I ended up with a big bang of failure on my mind. After recovering from the shock I accepted FGIET- RAEBARELI with a positive feeling that it might prove good and change my life…..

# 1st year

I started my college life alongwith my first room mate Vibha Jain who always helped me to recover from my intial failure and homesickness. First day at the college disturbed me and I thought how would I adjust.
Imbibed ” CHANGE FOR SAKE” and decided to follow it strictly and to participate actively in college activities . Started interacting with others but was oblivious to the fact that anyone might hurt my emotions. The beginning of studies helped me to recover completely from my past. Also the interaction with new girls at the hostel helped me to learn about the world outside. It was during preprations of freshers’s party when I got the first proposal of my life. I was completely shock and in terror because had never encoutered such situations. I was afraid of the fact that what would other’s think about me if they come to know and in a deep delimma of whom I should confide to and ask for help. With the support of my cousin I succesfully escaped out from the problem. The incident taught me about HOW TO BECOME INDEPNDENT and raise your voice against ill.
First semester went on smoothly and I secured a decent percentage. It was the mid of second semester that dropped a thunderbolt on me as I had to select my room mates for second year with whom I could feel comfortable. It was a difficult task for me as I was in dilemma. The one whom I selected at first willingly gave “me thumbs up” but at the last moment negotiated with me. Although it was very painful as the one who always pretended to be my friends refused to stay with me. It was an event of my life that was full of sorrows, worries and tears but it forced me to “CHANGE”. I completely understood the secret of life, THE CUNNING HUMAN BEHAVIOUR . It transformed me and I decided to leave everything on time as I had faith on supreme deity and myself. It was the course of my life when I was alone and sharing it with “my biggest supporter”; I found a new friend. The only person who understood my innocence still had never taken it as an advantage.

#2nd year

Second year was a really very new experience and was a kind of Renaissance for me. After so many issues, i got company of real friends. As everything was fine now, I started missing my habit of writing that got lost somewhere in the course books. I used to express my feelings, innovative ideas in the poems.I always expressed my anger in writings and they had always given me the requisite comfort and soothing touch.
I had developed interest in ” ROBOTICS ” and with my group consisted of four members ( /*me, Vivek Gupta, Vishal Yadav & Divyaprakash Tiwari).
We started working with a goal of giving our best in this field. As a result, we succeded and participated in the techfest at IIT-BHU that came as a totally new experience to us with knowledge and a new vision of technology. It was in this year when I started appreciating my art of public speaking. It provided me the necessary push to paticipated in various literary events but was not much satisfied by my triumphs. I promised myself to improve upto the extent I could.

#3rd year

I decided firmly to study well as second year had ended up with a dissapointing result. Although 5th sem was my tour period and I visited several places. Alongwith with my studies I participated actively in extra curricular activities at college. It was the beginning of 6th sem that marked a big success for our group “ROBOYANTARA” as we achieved first prize in TECHNEX ( techfest at HBTI), the only team to complete the task of the comptetion owing to our efficient autonomus robot. I acheived success in various literary events too and finally the greatest breakthrough of being ” MISS PERFECT 2K15″ with the support of my batchmates, seniors and juniors. Coincidently, the poem that helped me to clear the TALENT ROUND was penned by me in a mood of ire due to a small conflict with my batchmate(*_*). I must say thanks to him for that conflict. This was again when i realised ” NOTHING IS GOOD OR BAD ONLY THINKING MAKES IT SO”. It was the year when i got interested in GATE and IES . I just decided to leave the hostel.

#4th year

With full zeal and enthusiasm I started my prepration and choose a room mate whom I have never interacted with before, yet noticed her to be very supportive and inspiring. As I had a strong desire of doing something different and wanted to help others, I bought a money bank and dropped a 1Rs coin on 15th september. Since then I always put a coin in that whenever I realise that I have saved a 1 Rs
I will give it to a poor who can make the best use of my 1 Rs saved each day.

I also faced the first job interview of my life in placement drive of “VIVO MOBILES” and was selected as a TRAINEE MANAGER . It really offered a fantabulous job profile but I didn’t join the company as I wanted to crack GATE and pursue from a renouned institution.
A few months back I also realised that a person who plays pranks on you may also prove to be helpful. Yeah!!!! I’m pointing to the person who is posting this on his blog (* AMIT YADAV). A person who jointly with Pankaj kumar helped me in creating my blog :

That is all about my life lived so far with just few more months to go. I have experienced different hues of my life during the course but still I can say one thing….LIFE IS EASY…………… family wishes Renu a GOOD LUCK for all her future endeavors!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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