Life@ FGIET by Er. Amit Yadav

Life @FGIET by Er. Amit Yadav

I never had any idea that FGIET would change the course of my life.
The idea of a “Novel by me” would be born here; a blogger in me would come out shockingly, and above all “it would make me a dreamer, a believer and a lover-of-life”.
Instead of moving to Vishakhapatnam, I chose to attend FGIET at Rae Bareli which is near to my family’s place of residence.
When I got admitted into FGIET at the back of the mind I believed that the honeymoon period was over.


IMU- Vizag


A BIG shock

# 1st Year

Living in a hostel with 200+ buddies was fun.
I stayed mostly in my hostel room.
(Due to which my friend circle consists of people who were kind enough to bang my door!
To wake me up for a conversation, to discuss “something” in the mid-night, and to offer me “something to eat” that they would have saved and kept for me.).
I could be found sleeping or reading a novel if was left with time from lectures, outings and late-night talks with friends.
It was the time when I read “Till the last breath” by Durjoy Datta.
I googled him upon which I found “how someone could achieve fame, success, and money” by writing a novel.
Then after around a month, I could find “FGIETians preparing for sessional.
I never understood the concept behind it as “I never believed in marks”.

By the end of the 1st year, I took a decision to quit facebook.
As I wanted to “do something” in real life and wanted to focus completely on real life.

# 2 year.

By the end of the 1st year, I had upon “thinking and pondering” had defined “some core principles” for myself to follow.
One of them was, never drain your energy on toxic people and not to live with people who are “without BIG-HEART”.
It was the same time when I believed that “World is very BIG. If after making sacrifices, hard-work and care, “the environment around you” doesn’t support you then you need to find a better place for yourself.
You need not to stay there.
So, by contacting “right people with right reasons”, I was transferred to EC-B from EC-A with a bestie Anurag Yadav.
My “New Journey” began.
(FGIET Administration was kind and supporting.)
It was the same time when I travelled extensively visiting Haridwar, Mussurie,Nainital and Bhopal.

# 3rd Year

I had brought laptop from home and was thinking “how could it HELP me?”
I was fascinated by “reading books in pfd format available for free”.
I downloaded a lot of them, mostly, Self-help books.
Read as much as I could.
I had started writing too on my laptop.
Though I wrote “horrible” still I embraced it as it was written by me.
I had around Rs5, 000 in saving.
Through that money came into existence.
You can still find “those horrible writings from me on ”.
It has just few pages.
I wanted to expand it.
So, I started Blogging.
Blogging was a U-turn.
Since I loved to it, I never stopped.
I went on doing it almost each day.
By the end of the 3rd year, in April, I was back on facebook.
It was in Nov, 2014 that I started on “working on my first novel”.

In Jan, 2015 I brought 2 rabbits that have significantly revolutionized my life.
If you ever find “something” missing in your life; animals have the ability to fill that void.


Rabbit- little & cute.

It was in 3rd year when I started going for jogging.
I could be found jogging at early morning or in night around 7-8 pm.
In winters, I with Anurag have gone out for jogging at 11 am, 2pm or even 4pm; surprising everyone on the road.

# 4th year

I have started “Book Reviewing” few months back.
It has been a great journey.
Have published over 550 blog posts and reviewed 20+ books.
What more could one expect in a year?
I have loved each of my friends who could knock my door from the last year up to today and could ask for a stroll; I too needed the BREAK!

I believe in ACTION. In fact, the real AIM of education is ACTION.
When I started my new journey, I knew for sure whether I fail or make it a success; I will have “something” to tell to the world.
And that “something” is what I am telling to the world through my blog.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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