Why “paid per hour” is a bad idea?

It is of not much significance how much you are “paid each hour”.
It could be very high or low.
But it has one serious drawback.
Suppose you are 20.
You enroll yourself to a job where you are paid, say, Rs100 per hour.
Let’s suppose that you work 10 hours each day.
So, you make Rs1000 each day which amounts to Rs30, 000 p.m.
What happens after 10 years from now?
Let’s say you are paid Rs200 an hour.
So, monthly you make around Rs60, 000 per month with 10 hours of work each day.
Your income has doubled.
But you still work for 10 hours each day.
What shall happen after next 10 years?
You shall still be working for 10 years.
That’s not a pretty good idea.

What you need to do is to pursue something where “your spend time the least still money flows to you”.
Remember, time is the most important resource.
You don’t need to make lots of money; you need “time” to enjoy life too.

Suppose you write a book.
It takes around 2 years of hard-work to launch it.
Suppose you derive Rs3, 000 p.m. from it.
It is a better source of money as you shall keep receiving it for long-term though it may follow a decreasing trend.
Also, it opens up new avenues for you like Motivational Speaking, Book Reviewing, Book Writing Seminars, Conducting Interviews, etc.
Besides making money you get a chance to interact with people from other fields.
You may be called as Guest/Keynote speakers in colleges and universities.
It is always a nice feeling to interact with younger generations and know there aspirations and dreams.
You always need to pursue something that opens up new avenues and opportunities for you.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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