Could travelling alone be a fun?

Could travelling alone be a fun?

Whenever I visited Varanasi, I could note one strikingly different feature exhibited by foreign tourists.
It was their ability to roam in the whole city by foot with huge bags on their shoulders.
They travelled with a different purpose.
Most of us just travel to new cities to visit places of historical significances, eat, rest and then return back.
Besides all this, foreign tourists do try to experience much more, so, they shall go to the lengths and breadths of the city to “discover new things” which we often miss out.
They live at a place for longer time to interact with people, know its culture, eat at different restaurants, and also to read local books to understand more about the city.
Even they try to imitate the language.
You could easily discover them saying “Namaste” to all people they meet and interact with.

In many cases, you could find that they travel alone.
The reason behind it is to learn the most.
Some go on for world tours to “subside their insecurities” about travelling.
The “problem” with travelling in groups is that if you don’t wish to negotiate with hotels and taxis, or determine the time for leaving from hotel to tourist sight, etc. then it is taken care of by the group.

Benefits of travelling alone:

-You subsides your “insecurity about travelling alone”. It is a very powerful exercise that enhances confidence by manifolds.

-It is a very unique experience whereby you decide where to go first; you decide how much time to say, and what all you wish to do.
It is believed to bring people close to their self.
Travelling alone could be life-changing as in this case you spend most of your time with yourself.

-In case you need assistance or help, you initiate a talk with nearby people and that improves your communication skills.

-You can truly discover what you like or what you don’t like.

As said once you start loving solitude then you shall find it difficult to socialize as solitude is addicting.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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