How to know if you are obsessive about something?

How to know if you are obsessive about something?

You could be obsessive about success, money or women.
There are many others chunks of things too that may keep you pre-occupied.
How to know if you have become obsessive about something?
A question that explores to find out if you shall achieve success or not, “How badly you need it”?
Some need success so badly that “the whole day is centered on success”.
If your day is filled with lots of work in order to make your first break-through, figuring out ways to achieve success, eliminating what’s not working and then you are probably obsessed about success.

If you keep thinking about the girl of your dreams, spent most time in planning what you shall say to her, finding out ways to strike a conversation with her, adjusting your clothes and hairs in order to look good; then you are obsessed about that girl.

If it is money that goes into your mind between you wake up and go to sleep.
Then you are obsessed about money.

Is obsession bad?

No. It just depends for what you are obsessed about.
Probably all great men on this Earth were obsessed by their dreams.
It was their dreams that brought significant changes where ever they lived.
Like Mother Teresa, her life went around serving poor and needy.

So, what are you obsessed about?
Restlessness is considered good for success.
It brings you closer to your dreams much faster.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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