How to get financially free?

How to get financially free?

How will your lifestyle be sustained if you lost your job?
How will your lifestyle be maintained if your business got shut-down?
Making lots of money is not the key to get financially free.
There is a twist.
You have to sustain your “lifestyle from your investments”.
If you want to buy a Ferrari, could it be bought by making some investments?
Avoid using your primary money to buy things.
Instead buy “investments from them”.
Let your investments grow and bring money back to you.
Use this money to live the life you imagined.

-You wish to take a coaching/training; could you find a way to provide your services in lieu of “the cost of coaching”?
-Blogging allows me to read a book without having to pay for it.
(As I get the review copies from Authors)

-You can use blog to review movies, restaurants, hotels, etc.
(You could be provided with free movie tickets, free dining at restaurants and free lodging at hotels)

There are many things that could serve your needs like blogging.
You need to discover and get better at them.
You have to invest in “something” that brings back to you what you need.
Just look for an investment that could bring “what you need”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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