You will get noticed.

You will get noticed.

If you are consistent with your efforts you shall surely get noticed.
First few breakthroughs are difficult.
After that people start contacting you, giving you assignments and ask “May I Help You”.
Now there are many platforms available that allow you to get noticed.


Keep twitting.
Follow as many as you could.
This allows you to disseminate your work to more number of people.


Get in touch with people from other professional fields.
It not only triggers your learning but also provides you an opportunity to get noticed.


Set up your own blog.
Let your voice reach in cyber space.
Be frequent with blog posts.


In free time, do answer to queries of people on Quora.
Your answers shall have a significant audience reach.
If you keep posting answers then your audience shall increase by leaps and bounds.
The more the audience reach the more shall be your IMPACT.

-Your Own Website.

It can connect you with more people on cyber space.
It helps you to get noticed.
You can even host a website to sell products and services.

So, whenever you wish to connect with people, these platforms shall be vital to you growth.
One cannot do “IT ALL ALONE”.
To make great things happen one requires a good team (in ethics as well as in skills).
If used strategically these platforms are very potent and could be the starting point for trendsetters.

Remember, good work never gets unnoticed.
You may be ignored in the beginning but “everyone respects the shining star”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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