You will do it later: Myth

You will do it later: Myth

You struggled in one of the subjects you were weak in during board examinations.
To just pass somehow you crammed it.
May be you didn’t had any other idea at your disposal.
We do such things at times. At times it is really necessary and at other time we do so to save ourselves from hard-work.
Let me be very honest with you.
-I have not read a book that I kept “to read later”.
-I have not much improved upon habits that “I wished to quit later on”.


So, do it right now if possible.
Don’t procrastinate.
I have seen many people who wished to get better at public speaking.
But even after many years they “wish to be good at stage”, “wish to conquer the art of public speaking”.
The key idea is THAT LIFE IS RIGHT NOW.
If you miss it, you shall never get the same opportunity to learn.
The root cause of the problem is that “if you leave it now, there is very low possibility that you shall come back”.

-Don’t build up a pile.

If you keep putting things for later on “they for a huge pile” that you shall never wish to finish up owing to time required.
It may take months of labor.
If you were unable to get yourself 15-30 minutes each day to work for it then how can you get it done now when it demands your whole month?

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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