Get into the battlefield of life.

Get into the battlefield of life.

No matter if you have the resources or not. No matter if you are prepared or not.
Get into the battlefield of life. You shall be knocked down, punched and bleed.
That is how you learn how to hold your position.
You will find a way to sustain.
You will find a way to punch back and defend.
You will find a way to stand up again.
You will find a way to be calm and at peace amid chaos.
You will discover a way out from darkness.

-What is the level of competition?

You cannot really understand the level of competition if you don’t play the game.
Being acquainted about rules, ethics and famous players is nice but you don’t learn until you start playing.
Starting to play is the best way to find out “How much improvement you need”.

-What works!

Sitting and making projections why thinks shall work and why they won’t is a waste of time.
Apply and find out if “the plan seems implementable and viable”.
Try to find out how all others in the niche are making progress.

-When things go wrong

Nothing shall go wrong in Life if you hold yourself back.
If you only make plan-what could go wrong possibly?
Nothing, absolutely nothing!
So, just start.
Once you start, the path shall appear miraculously and once road shall lead to another.
Don’t worry about anything.
Focus on your little steps.
Sooner or later you shall look back to discover how those tiny steps changed your life.
Becoming fundamentally solid is by “taking tiny actions” oriented to your dreams.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

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