What to do just before examinations?

What to do just before examinations?

Your life is short and limited.
So, we all wish to live life to the fullest and try to make the best possible use of our time.

-1-2 hours before examination
Last minute studies don’t work if “you are going to appear for a competitive examinations” as they require rigorous and long-term preparation.

> You can plan your to-do list for the following week and month

> I like to think about “on what thing should I blog today”?
To remain unaffected by examination pressure or last minute hassles, I use blogging as a tool. I at times even blog before going to take examinations.
For you something else might work!

> Have a small chit-chat with friends “who are not talking about examinations”.

>Go for a jogging or brisk walking. It makes you active! So it’s not an offense.

>Close your eyes and recall “the best moments of your life”. Re-visiting them makes you happy. It allows you to appreciate your life to greater extent.

>Call an old friend. We all have friends to whom we haven’t interacted since long.
Give them a surprise with your phone call.

>Take a nap.

Life is easy…☺


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