How to connect people using fb?

How to connect people using fb?

To connect two people who are in your friend list but not friend to each other on fb, go to profile of the one of the person, there would be an option of “Suggest Friends” at the bottom.
Just click on it and you shall be able to do it easily.

-The Utility

This is the age of collaboration. Connecting with each other on social networks with people from different professions triggers the pace of learning.
By this way you can broaden your knowledge.
When you start building something from scratch like start-up or an NGO, you shall need people with expertise in various fields.
So, connecting and getting connected to people from various fields always has its own benefits.

It can also be used to give and get freelancing assignments.
If you know one person who is in search of a cover designer, suggest him/her if he/she is in your friend list.

You can play the role of a connector by bringing together people with “same goals and missions in life”.

-Online Team

One cannot succeed without a good team.
Now, by using facebook you can build your own team online.
The team could work jointly on projects and online tasks of assisting each other.

PS- Make sure that you bring good and dedicated people close to each other.
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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