How I strengthened my “Will-power”?

How I strengthened my “Will-power”?

Will-power is just like a muscle.
Just as by exercising we can build up our muscles in the same manner by exercising and forcing to do “what we wish to do” we strengthen our will-power.

Realizing that in this age of massive competition either do things whole-heartedly or don’t do it.
I made a commitment that if I shall take up anything I shall do it seriously.


I started 5-6 months back. I dedicated myself to it.
I pushed hard to publish at least a blog post each day or to write at least 500 words each day to improve my writing skills.
It has made me more confident than ever.

-Working at late night.

I could work at night comfortably with little or no sleep.
Though I no longer encourage going without sleep at night but staying awake whole night against early to bed early to get up has been a new experience.
If you are pre-occupied by something at day and cannot typically devote time to chase your dreams; working at night is the only option.
So, don’t shy away from working at night if there is really a need.

-Does improved “Will-power” guarantees success?

I may have been able to practice stringent will-power in case of blogging.
That doesn’t mean I can do that with everything possible on this Earth.
But in the long-term mental stiffness does work.
It shall be easy to devote to “most of the things” one wishes to do.

It is by continuously doing what you wish to, you get into habit of doing it each time.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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