Why I no longer get angry when asked silly questions?

Why I no longer get angry when asked silly questions?

I neither get irritated nor does it make me laugh when I’m asked a silly question.
The reason is simple.
Because I too have asked “many questions from many people and they have replied to even those silly queries very patiently”.
I’m grateful to them for their kind gesture.

We never know in what situations or circumstances the other person might be.
We may not be truly able to get in what context it might have been asked.
Sometimes, later on we may realize how beautiful the question was!


The seemingly silly questions “may not be always pointless”.
It is at times, our inability to see the beauty behind them.
We all hesitate to ask questions from others but they do brew many times in our minds.
How can all the questions coming to your mind be silly?
Is that possible?

Dig deep into these queries for they are life changing.
Do try to find their answers.
It shall allow you to stand out from the crowd.

-Keep looking

Don’t settle until you discover the answers even if they seem silly.
Search them on Google.
Ask it from others.
Try to notice how others answers vary from yours.
It shall allow you to analyze the situations from different angles.

If you make it a habit to go after finding answers; it shall surely enhance your creativity.
It is fun doing and engaging activity.

As Albert Einstein rightly pointed out that imagination is more important than knowledge.
So, your silly questions are a gateway to your imagination and creativity.
Go after them.
Chase them.
They make you lively and different.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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