Say “I” to your dreams.

Say “I” to your dreams.

Probably we all have dreams.
Still only few realize their dreams.
The basic hack to fulfill your dreams is by saying “I” to your dreams.

What if you have to walk alone on the path that leads to your dreams?
“I” shall walk alone.

What if NOBODY lends support to you?
“I” shall keep looking within for all the help I need until I succeed in convincing someone.

What if you fail?
“I” shall still chase my dreams.

What if you have to make sacrifices?
“I” shall.

What if you have to work overnight?
“I” shall.

Say “I” to all the things and make sure that you don’t violate your core values.
Keep asking “WHY” you started.
If your “Why” is strong you shall be able to transcend all the obstacles you face along the way.
If your reasons of doing something are not strong, you shall get trapped in the vicious cycle of complaining and whining about circumstances and people.
So, it is your responsibility to REALISE THEM!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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