Experience@ Going without sleep.

Experience@ Going without sleep.

Two years before, I followed a routine where I didn’t slept whole night on alternate days.
I made sure that the nights I didn’t sleep; slept for 2-3 hours in the following day in the evening and slept early at night that day.
By the end of the month, my health deteriorated.
It took around one week to get well again.

#How it feels without sleep

If you don’t take proper sleep; you shall feel like you are having cough and cold.
Not only this you may actually experience that mind gets slow at calculations and presence of mind declines.
Eyes turn red.
You may feel that your eyes are dry.
For the same, you may need to moisten your eyes.
Heart-beats increase and temperature of body rises a little.
(This happens as when we deprive ourselves with sleep; it is deemed as an emergency by our body. So, in response hormones are secreted which increase the heart-beats and temperature. Sleep is primary requirement of our body. It is the time when our cells are repaired and worn-out ones are replaced and new cells are formed.)

Lessons learned:

-You can achieve a short-lived success through this means.
For long-term success requires DISCIPLINE.


You cannot distinguish between day and night.
Time passes very rapidly. As whatever you may be doing; your body requires sleep.
When you sleep, it’s uninterrupted and deep so when you wake up you cannot much recognize if that is day or night.
The clock cycle of the body gets disturbed.


If you go without sleep it surely affects the digestion process.
You may not have much appetite for food.
Food might seem tasteless.

-Presence of Mind

At the back of the mind, you know your body needs sleep.
So, you are reminded about it again and again.
That inhibits you from being attentive in the present.


You may not like to have conversations.
Smiling and laughing declines.
Enjoyment ceases to exist.
(The same is the case with people who over-work-they laugh less, smile less and are unwilling to hold a conversation).

The only pro about going without sleep at least once in life is that “YOU BECOME CONFIDENT THAT YOU CAN SUSTAIN WITHOUT SLEEPING ONE NIGHT”.
That is just a psychological edge.

How effective is study @night
If you plan to study from 12 am to 6 am at stretch in night; forget about it.
If even you do the effective study hours won’t be greater than 2.5 hours.
So, going without sleep whole night is not a very good idea.
Sometimes you can do that in case you have to do monotonous work.
Night is best suited for monotonous works.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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