Do not react IMMEDIATELY.

Do not react IMMEDIATELY.

Whether you receive good news or a bad one, do not react immediately.
Some people take EXTREME STEPS after failures.
If you go through news reports on suicides in most of them you can find “and he/she took EXTREME STEPS out of ”….””.
No matter what your “….” is-it is never justified.
See life shall never be fair.
It is never going to be easy.
Get used to it.

-What you SAY

What you say when you react is to “prove yourself right”.
That may not always be the case.
When we react; we may engage into meaningless talks.
So, if you are going to react no matter who the person is or what the situation is-AVOID IT.

-What you DO

In case of failures it may be as extreme as suicide and in case of successes it could be being rude to someone.
In both ways it is unjustified.


Don’t blame yourself for the things that are out of your control.
Just keep doing what possibly you can do in every situation.

-What others say

It is PARTIAL TRUTH. If that doesn’t support you to grow from within; it’s of no use to remember it again and again.
Throw it in dustbin.
Regard it as garbage.

Be stoic!
Keep doing good work irrespective of what the world offers.
Sometimes you may get praised for your work other times you may be condemned.
But when you get condemned, don’t become sad.
Being SAD is not an option.
Life is really small.
Be happy no matter what the external world throws at how.
“Kuch Din Aur…..”

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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