Experience@ Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive conducted by E-cell, IIT Kharagpur on 20th October at BBD University, Lucknow

Experience@ Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive conducted by E-cell IIT, Kharagpur on 20th October at BBD University, Lucknow

EAD (Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive) was organized at BBD University by Entrepreneurship-Cell, IIT Kharagpur.
The auditorium was full with budding entrepreneurs.


EAD by IIT-Kharagpur at BBD Lko

The distinguished speakers for the occasion were:

Mr. Pawan Gupta, Co-founder, Curofy
Mrs. Smita Mishra, Founder and CEO, QAzone Infosystems
Mr. Rana Atheya, Founder and CEO, Dogspot.in
Mr. Alok Mishra, CEO, Benchmark

# Story-telling by Mr. Pawan Gupta

Mr. Pawan Gupta, Co-founder, Curofy narrated his story of building Curofy from scratch.
The lessons he derived from his struggles to build Curofy were:

-Don’t become an entrepreneur just because it sounds crazy.

This is the best advice he gave.
He further explained us that “craziness” ends within 5-6 months of hard-work.
To become an entrepreneur one needs to be intensely passionate about an idea and hard-work is crucial.
Entrepreneurship is not cool.
We lived in a small apartment.
We couldn’t hire a good website developer, so we started learning coding and other stuffs.
We as a team worked hard tirelessly.
It had been tough.
So, don’t just jump to entrepreneurship just because there is hype or craze about start-ups.

Now, if you have had made up your mind to be an entrepreneur then:

-You need to find a Mentor who could guide you.

(Most aspiring entrepreneurs think that they need an idea but in reality they need to look for solutions to problems they are going to solve.
Once the problem is identified they can find ideas to solve the problem by thinking, researching or Googling).

Get better at convincing.
It is one of the most important skills for life.
If you are an entrepreneur you have to convince your investors.
(The trick is to start convincing your friends and family. If you can convince them you shall be able to convince the investors too).

-Go to the Ground

Meet the prospect customers.
Interact with them to find if your product is viable.
Research and find out if there is really a need of your product.
You can even use WhatsApp and Social Media to reach to potential buyers for the testing of the product.

The speech by Mr. Pawan Gupta was followed by Q&A sessions.
The panel for Q&A consisted of Mrs. Smita Mishra, Mr.Rana Atheya and Mr. Alok Mishra.
The panel was warm and cordial and answered to each queries from the audience patiently.

The last session was the speech by Mr. Mahesh Shukla who reminded that “THERE ARE HUGE OPPORTUNITIES”.
The only problem is that you all don’t put sincere efforts required to make a start-up successful.
He also made a point that, today Google is in existence, still people don’t search about “How to start a business, How to set up a company, How to open an NGO, How to get a company registered under companies Act, etc.”
If one starts searching the RIGHT STUFF success shall soon be achieved as an entrepreneur.

I enjoyed the session.
Memories and learning’s @EAD shall be cherished for long.

P.S.- It was free of cost. I encourage all my readers to participate in all such events.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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