The world is highly competitive: Myth

It is a partial truth that the world has become highly competitive today.
If we talk about businesses; few sustain in the long-term.
Most start-ups face shut down unable to cope up with new challenges and changes taking place in society that affect the business.

If we look closer to business market in USA; almost in all spheres industries are well-developed.
Still, new start-ups are born and achieve impressive succeses.
What’s the idea behind such succeses?
It is difficult to establish a start-up with “little investments”.

》 Quick Decision Making.

Big companies have a long procedure and proctocol to introduce a change.
It is due to the fact that “more people are invilved in decision-making”.
Also, the information flows from down to top; so it is time-consuming.
Whereas in start-ups, owing to fewer employees; it is possible to discuss ideas and communication is faster.
So, changes can be introduced swiftly.


Start-ups basically function in a way to reduce cost as they lack huge investments.
The same is supplemented by creativity.
Creativity to get noticed by mainstream media- a free PR coverage as most start-ups cannot afford to make huge investments in advertisements.

Creativity to involve customers in “WoM- Word of Mouth”.
Let your customers talk about your product.
If your product is of finest quality it can trigger your customers to suggest it to others as well.


It is not what you could create with hefty investment that counts but with limited resources.
Start-ups are good at utilising resources in a manner to produce significant impact.
That’s what resourcefulness is.

The message is no matter how competitive the world might become; one can always use ones creativity, decisiveness, passion, emotions and resourcefulness to realise ones dreams.
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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