Don’t get swayed.

Best relationships in the world may break.
Two friends may turn hostile.
Two brothers may start fighting over petty things.
Two beautiful married souls may separate.

# Don’t get swayed.

Don’t get swayed by emotions.
It might be possible to fix the relationship by being calm, sympathetic and understanding.

# Don’t allow the air to become hot.

The best way to avoid “breaking of ties” is by not letting the atmosphere to become charged with emotions.

Don’t correct anyone’s statement when one is angry.
He/she might not be speaking rationally but emotionally.
So, when emotions rule; one tends to justify oneself.
Just listen and be sympathetic.

The time may not be in your favour.
Being sympathetic helps to save relationships.

# Do not talk again.

Avoid discussing the “short-comings” in the past. It can only “trigger confusion, doubt and anger” in relationship.
Instead focus on “what all good happened”.

# Don’t act in the same manner.

It only creates chaos.
If someone is angry; you don’t need to be.
If someone is abusing; you don’t need to be.
If someone is pointing fingers at you; you don’t need to be.
Sometimes, closest friends may behave in the above manners out of problems in their life.
Have a BIG HEART to engulf such little things to enjoy “true relationships”.

# Keep it within.

Friendship is between two people.
Intervention from beyond these two people may not be fruitful.
So, it is better if “things” could be fixed without “intervention of people from outside”.
Involve as less people as possible; if you wish to seek help from an outsider.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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