Why most people fail to make an IMPACT?

Most people fail in life because its easy.
It’s easy to fail. Do “something” unseriously in this age of extreme competition; the result is failure.
“Time” is the most important factor in life. To make an impact requires at least 5-6 years of relentless hard-work each day.
( To build up a BRAND from scratch requires around 10 years).

How many are willing to work day-in and day-out after they land up to a good job for making something worth?

How many are willing to work really hard for a cause?

How many are willing to toil hard for something that doesn’t offer monetary benefits?

That’s how difficult it is.

– Extreme Hard-work

To make an impact requires hard-work.
Not just hard-work but EXTREME HARD-WORK.
A long-lasting determination is required to bring about a change.

– Sacrifices

Lots of sacrifices are required along the way.
You may need to give up your sleep at times.
On another rough day; you may need to bear criticism and resistance.

– Team

It’s not an easy task to manage a team.
Moreover, building a team is a long process that few are willing to work for.

– Materialistism

The uneding wishlist doesn’t spares any bucks to invest.
It is difficult to get out of the mad race of materialism.
It’s always a BIG THING to leave the crowd and choose the path you wish to travel.
It’s not easy to give up luxuries and start doing “that touches the lives of people around”.

Few people are willing to take risks, make sacrifices, work-hard and above all to fail again and again.
So, there is less crowd at the top.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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