Life@ NIT Calicut by Er. Dipu Singh

Special Thanks to Er. Dipu Singh who is currently in his 4th year of engineering at NIT, Calicut.
Here’s are his sweet and bitter experiences @NIT Calicut.


Er. Dipu Singh at NIT CALICUT

Reputation and prestige creates the aura of awe and adventure at NIT CALICUT, which is also a life dreamt by millions. I was one of the few whose dream became a reality. I was assisted by many “sleepless nights” with whom I spent a lot of my time. The sole motivation in my case was a life full of fun and you know the obvious thing every guy craves for (a girlfriend of course :p). I was disappointed by the latter as it wasn’t in my hands but quite successful with the former.

# First Year

The first year of my engg. saw me in a serious struggle with studies and somehow I loved it in a way. The books never found me peeping into them. Result? I was in equilibrium with the forces ‘pass’ and ‘fail’ with former applying a little larger force than the latter.

# Second Year

Then began my second year.
There were many failed love stories which I don’t want to elaborate in depth :p .
Second year made me think about a lot of things. There were some big questions about life which were burning vociferously inside me and I started reading about a bunch of things. I also started travelling intensely, many a times alone; for which my friends started calling me mad. I became totally uninterested in taking classes which led to lots of bunking. The attendance restrictions were severe and I suffered attendance shortage in one of the subjects owing to which college administration did not allow me to take the exam. I had a backlog consequently. But that did not stop me from travelling. So, my second year passed mostly amidst travelling and exploring the diverse India.

# Third Year

In the beginning of third year I registered for the course (subject) I had a backlog in. I was running low in confidence this year. This was the poem I wrote in one of the classes of the repeating subject:

A intelligent being,
A thinking giant,
A pleasant smile,
Didn’t go the expected mile,

         I went on sail,
Just to discover a stressful mail,
Why did I fail,
In this engineering scale,

Words will only mystify,
This mental tale,
Which walk,
Without the legs of “HAIL” !

This was my mental situation. I started working hard and scored well as compared to the previous years. Now I am in my fourth year of engineering and hoping for something good to happen.

Cheers !, wishes Er. Dipu Singh Good Luck for his future endeavors.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

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