6 best RoI for students.

Ever thought what are the best investments students can make?
What investments can generate better RoI in future?
Here’s a list of Investments that you should never be hesitant to make:

》 Learning

Never compromise with studies. Don’t study for scoring but enhancing your understanding.
Let learning be a part of your daily life.
Keep reading, listening and extracting informations from various sources ( like internet, friends, newspaper, magazines, events, etc.).
You cannot join coaching for “everything” you wish to get better at.
So, start self-learning.
Self-learning is one of the finest investment that you can make in life.


“The real aim of education is not learning but ACTION”.
It is futile if you have a good plan and don’t put it into practice.
Implementation is like oxygen to your ideas.
They wither away if you don’t apply them.
Ideas lose their significance if requisite actions are not taken.
So, keep applying each day what you learn.


Take care of yourself. It shall allow you to enjoy the fruits of your success much better.


Keep experimenting. You can start with how you talk to how you connect with people. By constantly challenging, you shall discover better ways to deal with yourself and people around.

》Building Relationships

Whether you are pursuing your graduation or working in an MNC; it is really crucial to build a great learning experience.
Without good friends or colleagues life becomes harder.
Also, it is by helping out each other that we learn faster and thoroughly.

》Start Something

That is the quickest way to learn life-skills.
Start an fb page for a cause or set up a blog.
You can also consider starting an NGO.
The benefit of these activities is that “you learn how to manage things on wider scale”.
It also allows you to get in touch with other people pursuing common goals.
It sharpens your networking skills and collaborating skills.

Do you know what makes you unique?
Its the cause or purpose you thrive for.
Its the value you put on this Earth.
So, don’t be hesitant to make above investments as a student of life.
One day you will look back to realise how flawless investments they were!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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