You can achieve SUCCESS by sacrificing your sleep: Myth

You can achieve SUCCESS by sacrificing your sleep: Myth

Life is not a sprint race. It is marathon. For long-term and sustained success, you need DISCIPLINE.
If you go too fast the problem is that after few days you may feel strong aversion to your work.
You may start procrastinating or wish to escape.
The synonyms used frequently for the above situations are Over-worked and EXHAUSTED.
Not having a sound sleep triggers higher stress levels.
There are no quick-fixes to life.
So, sacrificing sleep for few days won’t work.
Improving yourself and installing new habits require time.


If you try to memorize lots of things in one go; you will fail for sure.
Mind needs time to memorize things.
First the information is processed and through repetition it becomes a part of long-term memory.
So, study each day.
Working hard for few days is a myth.
You may achieve few petty successes.
But achieving a long-term success requires patience and hard-work.


We need to recharge and renew ourselves after a few days.
It can be undisturbed sleep for 10-11 hours in a week.
Eating something that makes you happy or interacting with a friend after a long-time.
For me even blogging works.
It re-fuels me.

Make it a habit to make a progress each day in the direction of your dreams.
Achieving dreams is not a cake walk.
It shall require determined actions each day that shall add up to produce stunning and unbelievable results.

-Success is NOT overnight.

You might have come across, “Success is NOT overnight” many times.
This simply means that to achieve something worthy one has to grind day and night.
A BIG success can never be a result of just few days’ labor.
There are lots and lots of practice sessions before you finally make a success in real life.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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