Why you will NOT quit?

Why you will NOT quit?

If you have worked extremely hard and still you fail; you will never quit.
As we say in Hindi, “Ab Bahut Aage Aa Gaya”.
Quitting is possible only in initial phases.
If you have toiled hard, it becomes an obsession to succeed.
Being at the rock-bottom is challenging.
Approximately each day, one faces different difficulties.
When you are caught in the worst situations of your life; you learn something new each day.
These are period of accelerated learning’s.

-Looking for a way out.

Since you have failed miserably; you would look ahead for ways to succeed despite the present circumstances.
You will keep pushing harder; quitting is not an option.
If it were, you wouldn’t have had attempted it in the first place.
You took an attempt and failed.
You are bound to go for second attempt; fiercely this time.

You would have learned the hard way; to keep pushing harder and harder.
You are alert for each and every opportunity to flip from failure to success.


You have already made lots of sacrifices along the way to discover yet another failure.
What you can do?
You are left with no other option than to “sacrifice your sleep, peace and social life” to get breakthrough.

In my opinion if you fail again and again than quitting becomes hard.
You will never settle in life until you realize your dreams.
Remember, frequent failures develop an indomitable spirit to try again.
Once you develop an indomitable spirit to succeed in yourself; no one can stop you from realizing your dreams.
That is how you become “UNSTOPPABLE”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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