Difference between success and Satisfaction

Difference between Success and Satisfaction

Success is relative.
Success varies from one person to another.
Success is temporary.
(As I iterate again and again that life is about failures.
We fail more often. Even the greatest souls have more failures in their platter as compared to successes).
Many times we succeed in life.
Other times we fail.
But as my experience goes, whenever I had worked hard and stood in front of the mirror I felt satisfied.
I felt like hugging myself.
No matter if those actions later produced results or not.
(In my case, they didn’t).

I remember one incident.
Last year, there was a Motivational Session by Mr. Rakesh Mishra in our college.
He handed to me a Rs 1000 note for answering a question.
I got to the podium to collect that.
But I wasn’t happy that day.
Even I wasn’t happy from few weeks.
One thing was sure, if I couldn’t feel happy that day then it was certain that “WE ARE HAPPY ONLY WHEN OUR ALL AREAS OF LIFE GO WELL”.
That is, we truly feel satisfied and enjoy life when we strike a balance between relationships, health, finances and spirituality.

To quote another event from my life; when I became the External Topper at FGIET in 3rd semester, friends around me were very happy.
We all celebrated together.
But I couldn’t enjoy the same owing to “disaster in one of the other aspect of my life”.
So, what is clear is that I was fortunate enough to achieve “some” small successes along the way but they failed to make me satisfied, happy or overwhelmed.
Satisfaction is what you feel at the end of the day.
There is no point in “achieving a hollow success”.
What gives a real meaning to your life is “satisfaction”.
Sit with an old man talk to him/ spend time with him; you can feel the warmth and love in the eyes.
That’s what satisfaction is.
When I return at home; no matter how was the day, rabbits approach me with excitement and that makes me happy, gives me a sense of “satisfaction”.

I have realized in life that when you start chasing your dreams, you tend to experience satisfaction.
Whenever I achieved the milestone of 100, 200, 300 or more blog posts, I felt happier and satisfied than I could ever.

To be more precise, whenever you “act with your full might”, you shall feel satisfied.
That holds for success too.
For me success is “achieving what you are capable of”.
The greatest source of satisfaction I have discovered is by “LIVING AS IF THERE WILL BE NO TOMORROW”.
No amount of success can leave you with the feeling of “what you feel when you start living your each day as if it were last”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


2 thoughts on “Difference between success and Satisfaction

  1. Shantanu tripathi says:

    Thanks for concerning my request…U give the satisfactory explaination of success and satisfaction and all the point match that i had felt about this topic
    earlier…In one line i can say that..success is decided by other and satisfaction is decided by us…

    Liked by 1 person

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