You are becoming dumb: Myth

You are becoming dumb: Myth

When life began on Earth, there were initially only plants and animals.
Then evolution went from proto-humans to Homo habilis to evolve into present modern day humans, Homo sapiens sapiens passing through species of Homo erectus and Homo sapiens.
What is clear from this evolution line is that the braincase of humans has increased in volume since then.
The present day modern human has braincase of 1200-2000 cubic centimeters contrary to 500-700 cubic centimeters in Homo habilis.
So, as we evolved along the hominids line to present day humans we increased our rational and mental faculty to manifold.
This suggests that as we are evolving, we are becoming better at mental faculties than our previous species.
It’s a Myth to address someone as dumb in this age.
It is an all different case that one would not have had worked enough to develop inherent mental faculties.
This brings to another conclusion that we are evolving from generations, so, let’s respect the inherent intelligence and make full use our potential to push the human race forward.
True success lies in utilizing your true potential.
Justice with your true potential shall allow you to achieve massive success irrespective of how competitive this world might become.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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