How to recieve my love?

How to receive my love?

Each blog post is uploaded “With Great Love”.
The best way to receive love is by giving it.
I am accessible through these blog posts you read.
It is posted with a belief that it is going to “ease your life indirectly”.
Only you can change your life directly.
So, whole responsibility is upon you.
I try to figure out the best “possible solution”.
They may not be “the best” all the times.
I keep learning.
I share with you what I learn each day.
You may be sitting at the other end of the Earth.
But does that matter?

Learn from where ever you can.
Be open to ideas and willing to learn.

-Bitter Truth

You don’t need the best plan to start.
You just need to force yourself to take the first step in re-building your life.
I encourage you to take the first step today in the direction of your dreams.
Another step will appear, don’t bother about it.
As you take the third move, fourth one will appear.
That’s magical.
You may get stuck after few steps, but have faith and patience, the road shall appear out of chaos and darkness.
Likewise if continue putting your efforts despite the obstacles, you will reach at a place you never imagined.

It’s a very weird feeling sitting in front of a laptop and connecting with people.
On the other hand, it’s always a pleasure to know that it is changing your life.
Have Patience!
If you are reading this, I am looking at you with hope; there is a strong feeling that “YOU WILL SUCCEED ONE DAY”.
I have a strong feeling that you are going to rock!
My love is OPEN. (

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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