5 reasons for why you should really listen?

5 reasons for why you should really listen?

When you speak, you tell what you already know.
One of the best ways to learn faster is by listening actively.

-Better Understanding

To develop better understanding about life; listen to what people talk about.
You can learn from ALL (this is true without exception).
You may be travelling, eating at an eatery, you may be walking, wherever you go; you are surrounded by people- and thankfully they are talking.
Listen to them. You don’t need to add anything or correct them.

-Saving Energy

Energy is vital for your growth.
Manage it. Don’t let it get wasted upon meaningless things.
Do not speak anything beyond what is required.

-Long-term memory

What you focus consciously on soon becomes the part of your long-term memory.
By focusing on details of conversation, you can remember it for a longer duration.
When listening, be alert to accept positive things and discard negative ones.
Repeat the conversation in your mind.
You can later use the same in story-telling.
You don’t need to tell it to others but it shall help you in future while taking decisions.

-Connect yourself.

Whatever you listen try to connect it with what you have learned so far.
Can I use anything from this conversation that shall help me to “grow in real life”?
How is this speaker different from you?
Try to catch up with the ideology of the speaker.
If you can extract “ideologies” from conversations going around you; you can discover “ways to simplify your life”.
In seemingly uninteresting and boring conversations “you will discover the secrets of life”.


If you wish to stay calm and cool then listen.
Speaking less helps you to make peace with yourself.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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