What’s the need? Simplifying your life.

What’s the need? Simplifying your life

May be you talk too much; get angry over petty things, or work hard beyond comprehension.
Taking actions without knowing its consequences is dangerous.
Ask yourself, “Why I speak so much? What’s the need?
Speaking more than what is required simply wastes your energy.
If your job requires you to speak publicly, or you are a teacher; you would experience greater fatigue as compared to other professionals.
So, conserve your energy wherever possible and you can direct the same to “your first priority work” or in spending time with family.

Instead of “working too much hard”, decide your priorities.
Life is short and to live it fully one needs time to recover and get back to a state of utter happiness in this age of massive work load.
Ask yourself “Why I work hard too much? What’s the need?

You may be spending more time on social networks than really required.
Ask yourself if you can cut some time off from social networks and spend it in real life.
It will definitely add some value to your life.

You may be exhausted paying your bills, ask yourself what services you really need to continue with. Eliminate those that do not add value to your life.
Do you get angry or yell at someone often?
What’s the need? Ask yourself. If you shall look closely at situations you would discover that anger could have been averted by being more patient and humble.
Same goes with petty fights.
They simply turn off our mood and steals away our time that could have been spent happily.
So, start a new journey where you eliminate everything that “you don’t need”.
That’s the way to simplify your life.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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