You will fail again if you ignore this factor.

You will fail again if you ignore this factor.

Let’s explore the reason behind your failures.
It is the thing that most of us loathe doing.
That’s simply HARD-WORK.
Recall the last time you failed?
You missed clearing an examination by 20-30 marks or less.
Couldn’t it have been bridged by some more hours of hard-work each day?
No matter if it’s business, health, relationships or success, all require hard-work to maintain them.
We miss “our deadlines” each day though they could have been met.
Each day you miss to make your goals equates to missing your dreams in the long-term.
Failing each day to complete your daily goals adds up eventually to big failures.


We all have the potential.
Still, some make success while others fail to do so.
What’s the reason?
It’s hard-work.
Let me tell you, you cannot escape hard-work.
If you don’t work-hard in your student life, you have to work even harder in the coming days.
You may end-up doing odd jobs, break financially, your health may deteriorate and relationships may take ugly turns.

-Discipline yourself

There is no other way.
Hard-work needs to be a part of daily life.
If you think you can achieve massive success in life by toiling hard at the end; know that life is “not a sprint race but Marathon”.
How can you beat someone who is working day-in and day-out passionately?
Remember, the success story of “last-moments” you hear or read has an element of “previous knowledge and learning’s”.
Suppose, you had good writing and story-telling skills, it won’t be much difficult for you to write a novel as compared to someone who cannot express himself/herself fairly well.
So, if that person toils hard for few months can write a novel exceptionally well but that may not be the case with other person who lacks skills.

So, the point is we all have had succeeded but we failed due to lack of discipline.
Anyhow form a habit to sit down to do your work.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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