You are not ready: Myth

You are not ready: Myth

You just need to start. No matter what your short-comings are.
You can work upon them along the way.
Just start.
We all wish to do something but never start owing to “I’M NOT READY”.
Life is not a rehearsal.
Life is an extempore where you are confronted to new failures, opportunities, and unknown problems each day.
How can you be always ready?
You just have to make up your mind to “I’m going to make it anyhow”.
Let hard-work be no bar.
Don’t mind some devastating situations and negative people in your journey.

-Be willing to fail

Most people don’t compete because they believe that “it would be a public humiliation”.
You have to be a good participant no matter if you fail or succeed.
Once you register a success, failures are forgotten.
To get better at life, increase your rate of failure.
The more you fail, more you learn.
Failures are not sinister.
With every failure you get closer to your success.

-Be playful.

Shits gonna happen.
Instead of whining and complaining, watch the things happen.
As long as you are alive, everything is fine.
If you die, nothing matters.
So, each moment is a win-win situation.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺

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