How to attract the most beautiful girl into your life?

How to attract the most beautiful girl into your life?

You may get handsome advices on how to attract the most beautiful girl in your life.
But do the advices work?
They tell you to be funny, witty and jovial.
They may further suggest you to develop “what girls look into boy”.
There is one fundamental flaw in “those advices”.
How can one pretend to be “what he is not” throughout his life?
If you wish to have a relationship based upon “beauty” note that it withers away.
Or you may discover a more gorgeous or beautiful girl.
What’s happens then?
Break-ups and divorce, it shouldn’t be surprising that the rate of divorce all over the world is around 50%.
The relationships that are formed on pleasure seeking grounds eventually die a slow-death.

-Best relationships

The relationships that get developed in times of crisis are the best to trust and go for.
The one who came near to you when you were in trouble is certainly the right person with whom you could live “good times with”.
Most relationships wither away in hard-times though they might have been fantastic in good times.
So, relationships that are time-tested and passed through “hard-times” are gifts to your life.
The basic inherent concept is that “relationships that lasts in bad times” develop mutual understanding.
Mutual understanding is really necessary in relationships.


Relationships are mutual.
We have to respect each other’s feelings, opinions and views.
Not all relationships rise to a level-of-complete-independence.
We have to compromise at times, don’t mind them.
People may fight over things as simple as which movie to watch, place to visit, or “not spending quality time owing to job-deadlines”.
And above all, don’t compare.
Some are habitual of comparing their relationships with others.
Stop! Never do that. It serves no purpose.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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