5 things you shouldn’t be proud of?

5 things you shouldn’t be proud of?

We all are proud of our choices if we made them consciously and rationally.
So, what one should not be proud of is “what one was born with”.

>> Background:
Taking birth in a rich family (upper-middle class), as that’s simply luck. Being born into a family that takes care of your education, health and overall development is a boon. Not all are born with a silver spoon.

>> Beauty
It dies with time. People who are obsessed with their beauty get depressed owing to losing it slowly.
Though the beauty of the heart remains forever, but unfortunately most people trust outer appearance.

>> Knowledge
We all are learners in life. Keep learning and growing. Do not be led by the dogma that “you are always right”.
Be open to ideas and opinions of others (no matter what their qualifications might be; experience also counts).

>> Money in your pocket
If you don’t have a big heart, no amount of money can give you inner peace and satisfaction.
You have to have a big heart to share your money, expertise, and skills with those in dire need.

>> Caste
Simply you didn’t chose it, you were born into a family that may have been “upper caste” or “revered class” in the past but that cannot be a ground to segregate and classify humans as touchable or untouchable.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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