The fastest way to succeed: living with chaos

The fastest way to succeed: living with chaos.

The true progress is when “what you believe in” get constantly challenged.
When your ideas are improved and corrected.
We all carry “biased ideas and prejudices” based upon our past experiences and conditioning by society.
Our rigid walls of prejudices can only be broken down by better understanding that often comes to us amidst chaos, when we are under pressure to think.
Most of the problems that we face as a society are result of “lack of independent thinking”.
We don’t think often.
There is no point in following a path mindlessly.
The beauty of chaos is that they challenge us constantly.
Many give up in the face of adversity and chaos.
There are few who achieve their dreams passing through ugly phases.

-Chaos leads to TRANSFORMATION

History shows that how “some events and incidents” can change the whole course of events that follow.
Same is true for life.
If you are determined enough and open-minded to look clearly at situations and develop an understanding that chaos finally culminates into transformations, you step one rung ahead from the crowd.
If you can take a decision “to do something in devastating situations” and can follow it rigorously; there is no point that you won’t be able to do so when situations become serene.

Another striking beauty of chaos is that they don’t allow you to become complacent in life.
You never become too comfortable with life as most do.

-The world you see today was created by humans.

Remember, that the world you see today was created by humans.
Being a human, you have the capability, to re-create your life that can create ripples of change in the universe that shall completely revolutionize the way we live.

No matter if you are 20 or 30; you are just a decision away from you dreams.
A decision to form new belief systems inside yourself that keep repeating, “IT’S POSSIBLE”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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