I don’t know how to quit.

I don’t know how to quit.

“Most people succeed because they are determined to. People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they don’t know when to quit”.
-George Allen, Football Coach

Be known for your ability to keep thriving amidst worst circumstances.
Don’t resort to complaining. Life is fucking short. Complaining is a terrible idea.
Be your own light. Keep pushing ahead.
From today onwards, remove the word “quit” from your dictionary.
You don’t know how to quit.
You are going to try again.
You are going to fail over and over again.
You are going to stand-up once again no matter what-may-come-up.

-Walk Alone

When things go wrong, you may be alone on the long dark tunnel.
Have the courage to walk alone to discover what’s possible.
Near and dear ones will suggest you to quit as they cannot see you suffering or in pain.
Still, carry on your mission of life, as your life depends upon it.

-Your life shall not end without your victory

Have that faith. It is shameful to die without registering your victory.
It is a terrible idea to die without utilizing your true potential.
What we do in life is just the tip of the iceberg to what’s possible in our life.

-Get Mad.

This is the first and foremost requisite.
Get mad for your dreams and changes you wish to see on this Earth.
Be a change-propeller.
Work passionately day in and day out.
Let there be no stoppings and limitations.

-Be exceptional.

Don’t compromise with your dreams.
They are the doors that shall tap your unlocked potential.
Be exceptional when you do work inclined to your dreams.
Your dreams are oxygen of your life.
Breathe it. Live it. Work for it.
Dreams make you feel alive.

You are not one from the millions.
You are quite different.
You are born for a purpose.
Don’t waste life living it without a purpose.
Tie it with a cause and fulfill it.
It will make your life worth-living.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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