How to get to the top?

Cut off everything that doesn’t support you.
That’s the simple and straight forward path.

Food: stop eating food that is injurious to your health or is sleep-inducing.

TV: Turn off TV for most of the information is unnecessary and irrelevant.

Internet: stop surfing and spending time on internet looking for shortcuts.

Porn: this is the new tobacco. Quit porn.

Social networking sites: You have a real life. Let it be beautiful.

Technology: Each day turn off your smartphone (put it on silent mode) to connect with your inner-self.
Do not allow it to distract you from your most important tasks.
Remember, your phone is for your convenience.

Negative people: don’t spend time with negative people. They may degrade your confidence and enthusiasm. Stay away from them.
Complaining: life is tough but complaining is a terrible idea. Life is fucking short to spend it complaining.

Newspaper: read what sounds inclined to your dreams. Be very selective to what you read.

Movies: watch only those movies that have been recommended several times to you by your friends.

Games: they don’t change your life. They make you tired and drain your energy.

Apps: don’t use applications that aren’t worth your time.

Remember, technological advancements have brought many distractions to our life.
It has made our life fast-paced. Our life needs to be smooth.
You are not here to chase things. Just keep yourself focused to your dreams.
You shall realize your dreams along the journey.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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