How to attempt something IMPOSSIBLE

How to attempt something IMPOSSIBLE?

It is scary to attempt something that you or the world deems as impossible.
The fear of failure may grip you. You may start doubting your abilities.
Hey, I’m average.
I have never done anything amazing.
I don’t have the requisite money.
I don’t have the right people and technology.
What if things don’t work out?
Is that worth doing? What if that sinks all my money, drains all my energy, and spoils all my relationships?
What is the guarantee that I shall make it?

//Don’t Compare

The first rule of thumb is “Don’t compare”.
Don’t compare the situations prevailing right now with the past.
What might have been impossible in the past might be possible now owing to shift in technological advancements.
Earlier it was impossible to reach a large number of people to showcase your craft, now it is possible thanks to social networks, blogging, and personalized websites.

// You are UNIQUE

Many talented people might have had failed earlier to what you wish to attempt.
It may terrorize you.
It may fill you with fear of unknown.
Recently, I made my 500th blog post. It may seem impossible to write 500 blog posts in 5 months (if you naïve to blogging and first-time blogger), but I can assure you that you can make even more than 1000’s in 5 months even if you are new to blogging.
As Elizabeth Gilbert said, “Whenever someone says to me, “I want to do this thing but it’s already done”, my response is, “BUT IT’S NOT YET DONE BY YOU””.
So, the inherent message is YOU ARE UNIQUE.
Many might be into blogging, singing, or in the race of competitive examinations.
To get through may appear impossible.
But it’s your uniqueness that provides you an edge; it could be your drawing, creativity to think-differently, memorizing facts, hard-working, relentless reading, or the spirit to never-give-up.

// Break the “Impossible”

Chunk it out. No matter if doing something in that direction shall take 5 years or 10 years.
If you wish to achieve “the impossible” break it into “each day goal”.
If you wish to meet and have conversation with 1 lakh people, make it a goal to meet one each day, that would just require 1 hour each day.
As per above calculations it would take 273 years to do so (1, 00,000 / 365 = 273 approx.).
So, that’s impossible.
What you can do alternatively, is to get better at something, organize seminars and workshops on teaching the same or you can create a platform that facilitates meeting new people and discussing ideas and telling life stories to each other.
By this way, let 50 people turn up for such an event, and let the frequency of such events be weekly, then in a year you would have interacted with 52 weeks*50= 2,600 people.
So, to meet 1, 00,000 people it would require (1, 00, 00/2600 = 38 years) 38 years approximately.
Now, the plan seems possible.
But still 38 years is quite long, so, you can further improve your plan to achieve your “impossible” in shortest time frame possible.

Impossible become possible to you when you can break it into something that you believe you can do.
Start chasing your dreams.
Know that your dreams are possible no matter how bad you have been at studies so far, age doesn’t counts, your education plays no significant role, or money you hold but what makes the major contribution to realize your dreams is YOU.
So, start from today.
Let’s begin.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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