The easiest way to achieve success.

The easiest way to achieve success:

You have two ways to become a successful person; one is by laboring hard, burning mid-night oil and making lots of sacrifices.
Another one is by getting disciplined. When you work-hard day-in and day-out you are likely to attain success in minimum time frame. But that comes by sacrificing health (in some form), cutting yourself socially, and working like a machine.
If you wish to enjoy life’s journey get disciplined.

=Getting Disciplined

Fix a schedule. Follow it rigorously.

You wish to crack a competitive examination, start early, study each day for around 5-6 hours. Spend the time left with family, pursuing your hobbies and doing things you love.
In few years (depending upon your capability and previous learning’s it can be 2 year, or 3 or even more); you shall be able to complete the entire syllabus.
Caution: Do not take breaks. No Sundays. No offs allowed. It is because you have sufficient time each day to do what you love to do. Also, you are not over-burdened with studies, so, you can manage other aspects of life very comfortably simultaneously enjoying your life.

It’s a Balanced Approach.

Disciplining yourself is a balanced approach.
Short-term goals can be easily achieved by working-hard-too-much.
Long-term goals require “some work each day” aligned to your goals.
That’s the easiest way to reach pinnacle of success.
As when you get disciplined you don’t have to sacrifice your health, relationships, or sleep.
You can enjoy an enhanced quality of life by getting disciplined.
It saves you from last minute hustles.
It helps you to remain at peace each day.
It is a way of life where you get time each day to chase your dreams, fulfill your wishes, spend time with your friends and family, getting time for yourself to renew and above all time to embrace your life.
It assists you to simplify your life.
It enables you to slow-down to appreciate and embrace your life.
Your life is a gift to you, get disciplined to enjoy it to the fullest.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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